How to turn off/on anti-theft alarm in Suzuki cars.

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Today there is an very hot topic on which we are going to discuss about. We are going to talk about how to turn off or turn on anti-theft alarm in Suzuki cars.

Anti theft alarm is an special feature which saves our car from being stolen or if any body hits your car while it is parked. While this feature is in ON position then the sensors present in the car will be active. When your press lock button on key anti-h=theft alarm feature will be activated.

There are many types of sensors in car which differs from car to car. As in WagonR or Celerio there is sock sensor while reacts when if car gets any hit on it.

While in Swift or Dzire there is sensor on door handles. If anyone tries to open door handle then the sensors will send signal to the alarm system.

Coming to the main topic for switching on or off anti theft alarm system you should have to follow some steps which are as follows-

Steps for turning off/on alarm system.

1. Open driver side door and do not close it.

anti theft alarm

Open driver side door and let it be open till whole processor takes place. It is important that driver side door open to operate anti theft alarm system. While the door is open the alarm can be switched.

2. Insert key in keyhole and turn on then turn off the ignition.

Insert key in the key hole and turn on the ignition. After a while when all system starts then turn off the key and take out from the keyhole.

You should always have to do this while doing this. It is mandatory all time when you start or turn off the alarm system.

3. Now press the alarm switch 5 times and hold in last time.

There is a special method after that you should press the alarm key 4 time frequently and then on the 5th time press the button and do not release.

After few seconds your will listen a triple beep sound from the car which is signal that now you can turn off the alarm.

anti theft alarm

4. Now press lock button in the key.

When car gives a signal of triple beep sound then press the lock button in the key. After pressing key you will listen a beep sound which indicates that alarm system is turned off or turned on.

This is the complete processor of turning on or off the anti theft alarm system in the vehicle. If you have any query then comment below.

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