Mistakes being done by drivers , “Safety first”.

driving mistakes

Sometimes while driving on long highways we we do many mistakes for we pays a lot. I mean to say that ” Our safety is more necessary than our pleasure”. In this blog we will discuss about very blunder mistakes which we do on drive trips. We are very much precious to our family so we should not compromise with any type of safety.

Now India car buyers also became more aware with the safety feature and they always prefers to those cars which are loaded with many safety features. We rarely need these safety features but when it is needed it saves our life. After having all safety features in our car we all do some mistakes where these features do work can not save us.

Without wasting time lets get started with top mistakes.

Always wear seat belt.

Seat belt

While driving on long highways we become tired so for giving relax to our body we remove seat belt which could be very much dangerous to us.While our car is loaded with many safety features like airbag, ABS and all but, point to be noted that “Seat belt is primary safety feature” and other are secondary. We should not think that if airbag is present in our car then it will save us completely.

Yes, airbag is a very good safety feature and it is compulsory to take those cars which are equipped with safety features. But in practical airbag is a mechanical device and it takes time to open. Ye it takes only a fraction of second it could be only 10-15 miliseconds but this time is enough get injured.

“Seat belt is primary safety” because when a car meet with any accident then the seat belt holds the driver in the seat for a while. When sensors of car senses the accident a chemical reaction occurs in airbag and in a faction of time it opens. So with this technique life of person could be saved. It is also said that when seat belt is not used then airbag will not deploy but this is only a myth it is not confirmed with any of the car manufacturers. 

Do not rest legs on dashboard.

driving mistake

It is often seen that long driving on highways it becomes very much tiredy. So the co-driver who is sitting beside the driver takes his seat backwards and lays down there by keeping foot on dashboard. It is very much dangerous because if a car meets with any accident then the airbag present on the co-driver side will deploy. The chemical reaction in the airbag is very much hard by which airbag deploys in a fraction of second which very much fast. So the airbag comes out from the dashboard it could give more jerk than accident to the passengers feet which is sufficient to break bones and muscles. 

Do not Horn if car is to hit a vehicle. 

Yes, really we should not horn if we realize that our car is going to hit. It could be harmful to us. The airbag present in the driver side is in the middle of the steering which is the button of the horn. When the meets with any accident and the sensors of the vehicle notices that car stopped at once or feel high jerk then the airbag deploys at once with high strength. Airbag comes out after breaking high strength plastic of horn button with high pressure and if we press horn with thumb then on this pressure our thumb could be broken. So please do not do this.

Do not fix toy or statue over co-driver side airbag.

toys on co driver dashboard

Fixing a statue makes car more beautiful. We all fixes statue of god in the center which becomes very spiritual and provides blessing from god.But fixing any thing on the wrong could be harmful to us. When the airbag deploys then it comes from under the dashboard plastic and on that moment these materials could come towards us at highspeed and can harm our head and eyes. So please be aware of these types of activities. 

Some people do such a things like the covers whole dashboard with a cover which can affect the working of airbag or airbag could stuck under that cover. So please do not use any covers on dashboard to save that because it could be more harmful. And one more thing the cars coming with six airbag features then airbags air present in seats. For saving seats we uses seat covers over there but airbag present in that seat cover could not deploy. If we paid more money then we should use those features instead of doing these foolishness. 

Art of breaking

how to apply break

Art of breaking is the most important thing in driving. If a person knows driving a vehicle then he should be perfect in stopping the vehicle. The perfect way of breaking is that when the vehicle do not loose balance even after high speed breaking. Breaking at once in high speed vehicle can loose balance and grip on road which may lead to a dangerous accident. steering response it also lost when break applied at high speed. 

Most effective way of breaking is to squish break paddle or press break paddle very slowly it will provide you smooth breaking. Even in ABS equipped vehicle this formula is applied which gives a better response. On ABS equipped vehicles  break applied at once could not harm but on non-ABS vehicle it will give a very harmful result. Do not pump the break because may be lead to loose grip. So Break slowly and drive safely. 

“Always wear Seat belt and Helmet and drive safely. Your life is very much precious to someone.”

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