Bajaj Qute, what is Quadricycle?

Now rumors came true which were very much popular before some months that a car is coming which will be very low in price. As low as below 1 lakh. The picture shared with that message was a world famous vehicle of India that was earlier sold in Europe is Bajaj Qute. Bajaj Qute is referred to as quadricycle because it seems like an auto riksha hence it size it is very small too and with it’s four wheels it is called quadricycle. 

What is a quadricycle?

A quadricycle is a small or micro size size which have four wheels but very much small in shape in which only four people can sit. It also have small engine which is small in shape and delivers less power too. These vehicles are specially made for the city usage where with help of small shape it can travel in small town and congested roads. It also helps in busy traffic to escape fast. It also have a small engine which helps in saving environment with very less production of pollution in comparison with car. 
It was very much popular because it is small car. It have all the features of the car. It can save passengers from sun and rain. It is much safer than all auto rikshas. Person who are moving on road by bikes, bicycle or pedestrians they will not afraid of this like a big car which can harm them. 

Bajaj Qute


This is Bajaj’s quadricycle whose name is qute. Yes it is not a car, not a auto-riksha. Bajaj says it’s a new category, quadricycle. It was launched in 1999 but in India it was banned because Indian government says its not safe and declared illegal to produce. It was not at the level of the Norms were present at that time which were specially for cars. This vehicle was manufactured in India since 1999 and exported to USA and Canada in 2000. 
But not it is also a legal vehicle in India.
A new category is made that is Quadricycle and there safety norms are also made. In order to meet the criteria of a ‘Quadricycle’ a vehicle will gave to weigh less than 475 kg (kerb weight). There is no confirmed notification on length and width restrictions just yet but we assume that the ministry of road transport and highways will issue a more detailed circular regarding the details on this vehicle class soon. The Quadricycle will also have to go through a rigorous crash test program in India to meet road worthiness along with a strict set of emissions test for petrol, diesel and alternative fuel vehicles. The government has also approved of full electric or hybrid quadricycles and those too will have to go through its own set of tests to meet road worthiness.Engine must be around 200cc and top speed should be around 70 kmpl.

So now Bajaj Qute is launched in India because new safety norms are made and it is not illegal, so now Bajaj started supply of this type of product in India. This is the vehicle which is next generation of the auto-riksha. It also can be used as personal vehicle. It is manufactured by bajaj intacity plant. 


Bajaj Qute Specifications.

Bajaj Qute is a very small car looking vehicle with a sitting capacity of Driver + 3 passenger i.e. 4 sitter  small vehicle. It has four wheels like any other four wheeler cars but in size it is much smaller. It has four doors, as every car have but the main thing which differ it from a modern car to a quadricycle is its engine. It have 216cc single cylinder engine, 4-valve triple plug petrol engine. It produced 13 bhp of power and 19.6 nm of torque, and delivers a mileage of around 35 kmpl. The engine is coupled with 5-speed sequential transmission system. 

Bajaj qute is specially made for city. It can weed water and can run smoothly and it saves from sun and dust. Its top speed is 70 kmph. It can be used commercially as well as in personal use too. If we talk about down side it will not give joy of a car and it is not safe for highway drives. Expected price of the vehicle is 2 lakh Rs.

For more information or confirmation visit Bajaj’s official site.

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