Does Rolls Royce really check the background of the person who is willing to buy one Rolls Royce car?


Rolls Royce Motorcars, which is a subsidiary of BMW, as a manufacturer, is not in the business of attesting to its customers’ moralities or discriminating against them on the basis of their “refined taste and cultural preferences” or even their perceived socio-ecomonic status.

Those background check rumours are just that. Rumours.

But its name is a fame and every one dies for fame. It is a brand which shows the status of a person. If a person can own a Rolls Royce then he might be amongst the powerful personalities of that country.

Rolls Royce develops luxury cars which of different level. Rolls Royce is a very beautiful combination of power, engineering, and designing. It has the capability to take out heart of every person. Rolls Royce is supposed to be a vehicle made for the king.

If Rolls Royce discriminated against it’s already very limited consumer pool, they would go bust sooner than they could hand craft a Series II Ghost’s wooden dashboard panel.

Rolls Royce like any manufacturer, amongst other ancillaries, is also in the business of selling cars.

If you can cut a cheque to the tune of their asking price, they’ll get you your car. Sure, they’ll charge you a bomb, but that’s about it.

This is not really true Rolls Royce does not check any background of the customer. They only check the total income and worth of the customer not his family background matters for car purchase. If they really check the family background than in India like Sharukh khan and Amitabh Bachan who are owner of Rolls Royce would not be able to buy these cars because they doesn’t have any rich family background they own these cars on their own status.

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