Why my car mileage is not good after first 1000 kms.

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It is the most frequently asked question that why my car is not giving mileage after first 1000 kilometers. It is very hot topic to discuss.

When we buy a new car we do many research on it because after home where we invest huge amount of our hardly earned money is our car. Then we often search about mileage about that car like how many kilometers it can run in 1 kilometers.

So when a car is new it doesn’t give good mileage till first 1000 kilometers because its ECU is tuned to do this because engine is new and it needs more fuel to become much more refined and serve the customer a long time.

But after 1000 kms we notice that our car is still not giving the mileage which is promised by the car manufacturer. So please there is no need to worry.

We car comes form the factory line from that ECU starts to measure the exact fuel consumption. So in the dealer shop or showroom car runs frequently for short distance where we could not expect any mileage.

After that when we take car to home then also it gives same mileage although it also increases slowly.

Main reason behind that is that for calculating exact mileage we should reset that Avg. fuel consumption display by only just pressing that button. Then you will get your exact mileage of after 1000 kilometers.

NOTE : Mileage is also dependent on your driving style so please follow steps for taking out good mileage.

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